Tetley Decaffeinated Green Tea - 72 CT

Tetley® Decaffeinated Green Tea. Since 1837. Great value! Compare our 72 count to other leading green teas. Refreshing & light with no bitter taste. Tea bags. Net Wt 4.57 oz (130 g). Tetley® - It starts with Tea™. Tetley Decaffeinated Green Tea is light and refreshing without the bitter taste of some other green teas. With careful preparation and only the finest green teas, the green tea flavor is locked in after picking to keep the tea fresh and flavorful. The result - a light-bodied green tea that's refreshing, clean and smooth tasting. 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Tea. All round flavor. Our round tea bags... Fast infusion and exceptional flavor release because they're made with perflo paper that has 2000 perforations. More sustainable - no strings, tags or staples so there's less material to throw away. Packed in India. Call: 800-728-0084. Did you enjoy your cup of Tetley Let us know by Visiting: www.tetleyusa.com.