Smart Balance® Mayo Light Mayonnaise 32 fl. oz. Jar

Smart Balance® Mayo Light Mayonnaise. New look! Non-GMO oil pledge^. 50% Less fat & 44% Fewer calories than regular mayonnaise. 0g trans fat. Omega-3. See nutrition information for fat content. Good source of omega-3 ALA. 320 mg, 20% dv of omega-3 ALA. No hydrogenated oils. Gluten free. Per svg: This product - Calories - 50. Fat - 5g. Mayonnaise - Calories - 90. Fat - 10g. A Boulder Brands Company. ^We pledge that 100% of the canola oil sourced for this light mayonnaise is Non-GMO. Learn more at 201-421-3970 ©2014 GFA Brands, Inc. All rights reserved.