Seneca Gluten Free Crispy Apple Chips Caramel

Seneca® Gluten free Crispy Apple Chips Caramel. Seneca the original apple chips. Made from fresh apples. Snack healthier... snack Seneca. Our apple chips are made with whole fresh apples and are the perfect choice for on-the-go eating habits of today's busy families! Seneca Snack Chips meet the quest for a tasty, yet healthier, snack alternative. Less fat, low sodium, no cholesterol, and great taste combine to make our snack chips the preferred choice among health-conscious individuals. So go ahead, snack healthier with all Seneca brand apple chips in original, cinnamon, caramel, granny smith, golden delicious, and sour. (Our apple chips are carefully sorted but may contain occasional fragments of seeds or stems.) Seneca apple chips contain 7g fat per serving, regular potato chips contain 10g fat per serving. Visit our website When contacting us please enclose date code from bag.