Salada White Tea Pure White - 40 CT

Salada® White Tea Pure White. All natural. 40 tea bags. Net wt 2.47 oz (70g). Deliciously easy. Let's face it. Living healthy every day isn't easy. It's a never-ending struggle for sure, but you're not alone. Salada is here to help! Our teas are a deliciously simple way to help live well every day. That's Salada flavor! Deliciously easy-that' Salada flavor! It all starts and ends with delicately handpicked white tea buds and leaves. We add nothing. The result is a subtle mellow flavor, brimming with goodness. Here at Salada, it's all about preserving what nature intended. Deliciously simple. With one quick glance, you'll see our tea contains zero calories and one ingredient. Nature made white tea simple and delicious, so it only makes sense to keep it that way. A gluten-free food. Contact us. 1-800-645-1190.