Crunchies Cinnamon Apple, Freeze Dried

All natural. No fat. Only 35 calories per serving. Contains 5 servings of fruit (The USDA recommends 4 servings of fruits a day for older children and adults and 2 servings for children (2-6 years). One serving equals 1/2 cup). No sugar added. Nature's ultimate snack food. Certified gluten free. 100% real fruit. No preservatives. Raw food. Non-GMO. Did you know: It takes 8-10 lbs of fresh fruit to make 1 lb of Crunchies? Crunchies vs. Dried Fruit: More Nutrients & Antioxidants: 90% Crunchies, 45% dried fruit. Crunchies special drying process retains an average 90% of the nutrients compared to fresh fruits (Air drying retains an average of only 45% maximum); No Added Sugar: Crunchies 50 crunchies. 25 g dried fruit. 1/4 cup of fruit Crunchies has an average of 5 grams of total sugar. 1/4 cup of dried fruit has an average of 25 grams of total sugar (Actual results may vary by fruit); Less Retained Water After Drying: 3-4% Crunchies, 8-12% dried fruit. Less water meats the flavor is more concentrated - you get the essence of the fruit. All dried fruits have more water than Crunchies. Less water = better values (Actual results may vary by fruit). What are Crunchies? Crunchies are made through a unique freeze-drying process where water is removed in a refrigerated vacuum, leaving only the essence of vegetable or fruit with a crunchy texture. Absolutely nothing else is added. Made in USA.