Smarties Candy Canes - 12 CT

Smarties® Candy Canes. 'Its the season for sharing. Net Wt 5.3 oz (150 g). How do you eat your candy cane From the curved end You are the type of person that tackles things head-on! Good for you! From the middle This is how my dog eats candy canes too! You must be a lot of fun at parties! From the bottom Smart elves know that starting on this end leaves the curved end to be used as a handle. Smart! This product does not contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat or gluten. It has been manufactured on dedicated equipment. Certified 100% recycled paperboard®. Recyclable. Smarties® is a registered trademark of Smarties Candy Co., Inc. All rights reserved. For more information on Spangler Premium Quality Candy Canes, see our website: © Smarties Candy Co., Inc. 2017.