Gold Medal® Unbleached Bread Flour 10.0 lb Bag

Gold Medal™ Bread Flour. Expertly milled in the USA. Premium quality. Since 1880. Over 125 years of baking success. Enriched. Unbleached. Unbromated. Per 1/4 cup serving as packaged: 110 Calories. 0g Sat fat, 0% DV. 0mg Sodium, 0% DV. 0g Sugars. Net Wt 10 lb (4.53 kg). The Gold Medal standard: When our founding mill master C.C. Washburn braved the first Miller's International Exhibition in Cincinnati, Ohio, he took home more than the Gold Medal grand prize - he won a shiny new name. So over 125 years ago, we earned the right to be called Gold Medal™. And, we've gone on to become America's #1 selling flour brand.1 Every day we work to live up to our legacy. The standards of the mill that made Mill city live on. We blend the heartland's pure hard and soft wheat to make great, consistent flour that bakers count on. Your kitchen rules. When to use it: When it comes to chewy pizza crusts or lofty loaves, gluten makes them glorious. Bread flour is higher in protein-which makes more gluten, which absorbs more water, which makes dough more elastic, which produces better volume and crumb structure, which gives breads better lift and texture, and earns a baker like you more compliments. It's especially good for mixed grain breads that need lift. Substitute it: When recipes call for all purpose or whole wheat flour, you can substitute cup for cup with bread flour for chewier results. It works well for quick breads and cookies. For cakes and pastries it doesn't work well. Cups per pound: There are 3 1/3 cups of flour per pound and about 34 cups per 10 pound bag. To bake is to wait. More great recipes at Gold Medal website. 1Based on Nielsen sales data ending April 1, 2015. The Red Spoon promise: The Red Spoon is my promise of great taste, quality and convenience. This is a product you and your family will enjoy. I guarantee it. Call: 1-800-345-2443 Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. CT. Visit:, © General Mills.