Nestle Nesquik Strawberry

Nestle Strawberry Nesquik. Artificially flavored. 25% less sugar than the leading syrup brand*. 38 servings. *15g vs. 24g sugar/svg in the leading syrup brand. This product contains 27 g of sugar when mixed with 1 cup of milk. It's good to know. Good to compare. 8 fl oz beverage - total sugars* - % DV calcium - high fructose corn syrup. Nesquik - 27 g - 40% - no. Leading strawberry syrup brand* - 36g - 30% - yes. Leading juice drinks for kids*** - 0-15% - yes. Since 1866 Nestle. Good for active play. Nesquik when mixed with 1 cup lowfat milk is filled with protein, carbs & happiness - to help build strong bodies & fuel active minds. Nutritional Compass. * Sugar content is based on mixing Nesquik and the leading syrup brand with 1% milk. Milk contributes 12 g of sugar. ** Percentage represents daily value. *** Average sugar level of kids' juice drink brands: If you compare 6.75 fl oz of juice drink vs. 6.75 fl oz of Nesquik in milk, the sugar levels are 25 g sugar vs. 23 g, respectively. Nestle and registered trademarks of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., Switzerland. See bottom of container for best before date. Questions Call 1-800-637-8536 M - F 8AM to 8PM ET. Visit