Jardines 7J Salsa Chipotle Medium

Jardines® 7J Chipotle Medium Salsa. Small batch. Simply natural. Gluten free. If you're craving the richest, most flavorful chipotle salsa around, look no further than the jar in your hand. Twist open 7J Ranch Chipotle Salsa, and you'll be amazed by its fresh, smoky, mouth-watering aroma. As for taste, well that's what it's all about out here on the 7J Ranch. Fresh vegetables and peppers are slowly fire-roasted to perfection, then bottled quickly, so we capture every drop of mouth-watering smoky flavor. It's one of our favorites for chips and grilled meats and it will be one of yours, too. Find other great products and recipes at www.JardineFoods.com. The Jardine outfit. Share your recipes. ©2014, Jardine Foods, Inc. www.jardinefoods.com.