Enfamil Infant Formula, AR, 0-12 Months, Super-Saver Refill Pack

0-12 Months. Milk based powder with iron thickened with added rice starch. No. 1 pediatrician recommended brand. Compared to enfamil A.R. 19.5 oz powdered formula. Makes 53 4 fl oz. For reducing frequent spit-up. Expert recommended DHA brain building nutrition. Designed to reduce spit-up in 1 week (vs. the same infants at the beginning of the study, in infants who regurgitate frequently (5 or more spit-ups per day)). No. 1 Added rice starch formula. Enfamil refill system. Better value! More bottles for less vs. our 19.5 oz tub. Reusable tub sold separately. Expert Recommended DHA Brain Building Nutrition: Expert-recommended Omega-3 DHA supports brain and eye development. In an independent study, Enfamil that has DHA at 0.32% of total fatty acids was shown to foster learning from infancy through age 5. No. 1 Added Rice Starch Formula. Designed Reduce Spit-Up in 1 Week: Our innovative A.R. formula is clinically proven to significantly reduce frequent spit-up within 1 week, (vs. the same infants at the beginning of the study, in infants who (5 or more spit-ups per day) while maintaining balanced nutrition, unlike adding rice cereal to routine formula. Immune Health: Prebiotics and vitamins C & E to support immune health. This exclusive formula is available only from the Enfamil brand. This formula is not sold to any retailer as a store brand. Experts agree on the many benefits of breast milk. If you choose to use infant formula ask your baby's doctor about Enfamil A.R. When you baby turns 12 months old, nutrition continues to play a key role in growth and development. Enfagrow toddler nutritional drink is an everyday toddler milk drink that has brain-building DHA and iron, prebiotics and 22 total nutrients that may be missing in a toddler's diet. Visit us at www.Enfangrow.com. EnfaCare.com. If you have a questions, we are here for you. Call us toll-free: 1-800-BABY123, 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Saturday, Central Time. Or visit EnfaCare.com. Enfamil reduces its environmental impact by using 100% recycled paperboard. Eco-smart package.