BelGioioso Gorgonzola Italian Blue Cheese

BelGioioso® Gorgonzola Italian Blue Cheese. Classic Italian cheese. Freshly crumbled. Net Wt. 5 oz. (142 g). Crumbly Gorgonzola is a distinctive blue-veined cheese. Our Master Cheesemakers pierce each wheel by hand, allowing the beneficial blue-green mold within to breathe and grow. Each wheel is then aged for 90 days in our special caves. This care and craft creates a robust, tangy flavor, deep aroma and crumbly texture. Serve over salads, steaks and burgers, or melt into pasta. Robust and tangy flavor. Aged over 90 days. Award winning. Gluten free. rBST free*. *No significant difference has been found in milk from cows treated with artificial hormones.